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Rondell Ivey
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The Format for Trial Administration & Rules

on 8/13/2017, 4:27 am

The official format for applying for trial admin

Welcome to Red Mountain Community, interested in helping out within' the forums? Sweet !! We're happy to have you apart of the team, we can use some help here, just read everything listed below, and we'll hope to see you in the future with the team!

The Application Process

  • Fill out the application and enter in all the required information.

  • Your application will be reviewed by Red Mountain Community Managment to make sure requirements are met. If not your thread will be closed and denied.

  • Your application will stay open for weeks/months. Members of the community can give their opinions on you.

  • When the time comes (Eg. When the next batch of trial admin is due) Red Mountain Community Management and staff will discuss the various open applications and decide who they would like to see on trial.

  • A poll will made on your application. Members of the community will be also be allowed to vote and you must be accepted by 80% of your fellow community members to be considered as a trial admin.

  • Management and staff will discuss and vote on your application. After which it will be accepted or denied.

  • Once you have been approved or denied, an email or PM will be sent to you with instructions on how to proceed.


Being an admin is a serious commitment and must not be taken lightly. It is not a right but a privilege to take care of our forums when they need policing. Thus these requirements reflect the type of members we are looking for:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age or older to apply. (Exceptions can be made in some cases if permission is first given by myself. This will ONLY happen if you meet every other requirement first)

  • You must have been a member of the community for at least 30 days.

  • You must not have had any previous bans on our Forums that have been over 24 hours in duration.

  • You must be above at or above 80 warning points, you can find your warnings points on your profile.

  • You must speak good English.

  • You must be a well known and active member in the community well has have a good reputations amongst other members.

  • You should be familiar with the admin panel. (We can provide a small amount of training)

If you feel that the above reflects you, then we welcome you to apply for admin.

Additional Notes

  • Admins that have been previously accepted but retired may also re-apply at any time. However your acceptance is not guaranteed, if you are accepted, you will only be promoted to Trial Admin.

  • If you have been turned down for admin recently you may not reapply until at least 1 month has passed. All community members have 3 chances to apply for admin, use them wisely.

  • If you not meet a certain requirement, you may still be excused if given permission by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

  • New threads posted in this section are auto-moderated. 

The Required Format
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] It's very important that you title your post exactly as stated below, failure doing this can result in your application be denied.

Post Title: Your Username - Trial Admin Application 

Copy everything in the box below, then paste it into a new forum post.

Your Forum Name:
Your Age:
Your D.O.B (Date of Birth):
Country & Timezone:
How long have you been member of this community?:
Do you have any admin experience from other place?: (If so, list them here and who you was admin for.)
What do you think you deserve to be an Admin over the other applicants?:
Extra Notes:


  • Do not reply or post on anybody's admin application that isn't yours.
  • Be sure that you follow the requirements. 
  • If you have questions or don't know something, always inform an available admin or me.

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